WiFi in Japan?

WiFi in Japan?

Tourism in Japan has been rapidly increasing, since the announcement of the Tokyo Olympics.
And in Japan, there is still a lack of Free WiFi spots.
Nowadays, smartphones are not only used in our day-to-day life, but also when travelling.
Maps, online guidebooks, SNS, and looking up information on shops are just a few things we use our smartphones for. 

NINJA WiFi is a WiFi router rental service that allows you to connect your phone, PC, tablet, 
and other devices to unlimited internet for only 900 yen/day.

NINJA WiFi has compact pocket-sized WiFi routers that can be picked up from most major Japan airports.
Simply turn it on and put it in your bag or pocket, and enjoy an internet connection you can use anytime and anywhere.
Returning the device can also be done at the airport, so you can use the service the entire time you are in Japan.



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Unlimited Internet for 900 yen/day